2018 Calendar of Events

Fun for Everyone!

This year, the Society will hold an ongoing celebration honoring the 172  Vineland women who protested their lack of voting rights in 1868 by staging the largest women's suffrage demonstration the country had ever seen. The Society will once again host its annual Open House on August 4, featuring crafts and activities for the entire family. The event has been christened the "Family Fun Fest" because it offers free fun for everyone. On October 27, the Society is planning a “Trick or Trunk” event that will be staged for children of all ages in the parking lot across the street from the museum. A semi-formal gala will be held on November 10 at Merighi’s Savoy Inn, honoring local businesswoman and community activist Louise Bertacchi for her many achievements. To learn more about upcoming events, check back here, visit the Society’s Facebook page or call 856-691-1111 or e-mail vinelandhistory@gmail.com

Our Recent Talk

The Changing Role of Women in the Civil War

Civil War re-enactor Sandra Grant brought period artifacts with her to the museum on May 19, when she discussed the roles women played in the conflict.


Can you help?

Have you ever considered volunteering? Giving two-and-one-half hours once a month can make all the difference in your life. Those volunteer hours will at times make you laugh, will make you think, will make you learn something new and old about your community and, most certainly, will make a young person remember you and what you gave to them. What does it take?  It takes a smile and a willingness to give a little bit of your time to Vineland’s fourth grade students. What will you do? You will able to--with one-on-one training--expose our young people to their history of what made Vineland great in the past and how it can be even greater for them in the future. Training is short and painless and you will always be working with an experienced volunteer. Join me and the rest of our amazing, dedicated volunteers at the Vineland Historical and Antiquarian Society. We can all laugh together, we can all think about the old and new stuff and we can all reap the benefits from knowing we handed off our history to our young people in our community.  Contact Ruth Shropshire, Education Coordinator, at vhasedprogram@gmail.com  or 856-691-2925. Or call the Society at 856-691-1111. Leave your name and contact information .