Signing for Landis Biography

Before the Wind: Charles K. Landis and Early Vineland

On September 15, the Society hosted a book signing for author Vince Farinaccio, whose long-awaited biography of Vineland's founder received a warm reception from more than 50 local residents. Copies of the book are available at the Society or on-line at


Can you help?

Have you ever considered volunteering? Giving two-and-one-half hours once a month can make all the difference in your life. Those volunteer hours will at times make you laugh, will make you think, will make you learn something new and old about your community and, most certainly, will make a young person remember you and what you gave to them. What does it take?  It takes a smile and a willingness to give a little bit of your time to Vineland’s fourth grade students. What will you do? You will able to--with one-on-one training--expose our young people to their history of what made Vineland great in the past and how it can be even greater for them in the future. Training is short and painless and you will always be working with an experienced volunteer. Join me and the rest of our amazing, dedicated volunteers at the Vineland Historical and Antiquarian Society. We can all laugh together, we can all think about the old and new stuff and we can all reap the benefits from knowing we handed off our history to our young people in our community.  Contact Ruth Shropshire, Education Coordinator, at  or 856-691-2925. Or call the Society at 856-691-1111. Leave your name and contact information .