100 South Jersey Novels

Long before the appearance of "Boardwalk Empire," many authors set their stories against a South Jersey backdrop. See how many look familiar and how many you should add to your reading list!

Electric Belt Store

A Stimulating Idea

The discovery of this photograph in our archives prompted us to research an unfamiliar product, known as the electric or electropathic belt. (Yes, you heard that correctly.) Apparently, Vineland had its own electric belt store at one time because local residents always wanted to stay on top of the latest trends. Electric belts actually appear to have been very popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a time when electricity was considered advanced technology. It provided amenities such as lighting and entertainment and the medical world often used electronic devices that supposedly offered the answer to many physical ills. The electric belt, made with zinc, copper coils and wire that periodically generated a mild electric shock designed to stimulate the body, ranged in price from about $2 to $50.